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1/ Invisible Forehead Line

It looks so natural like your own hair that people won't tell you are wearing a wig.

6/ Shape Memory Action

It is specially designed to revive original shape of the wig without styling every time you wear it.

5/ Ergonomic Ventilation Design

Our wig is very delicate & ergonomically designed, so the surface of the lace will act as pores of your head skin which will increase airflow. 

3/ Natural Look Crown & Hair


A parting line of your hair and crown will always look natural after dry & comb your hair.

4/ Featherweight Wig

The weight of a wig is about 0.4 oz .

You won't feel that your are wearing a wig.

Soft & Thin Inner Layer

We Transplant high quality human natural hair on special material to enhance your wearing sensation.

2/ Comfortable to Wear 

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